9 Ways to Wear a Camisole Without a Bra

How to Wear a Camisole Without a Bra

Finding a good bra to wear with your spaghetti strap camisole can be a nightmare. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case any more. We’ve crafted ways of wearing a cami without a bra, and still get away with it.

This article describes simple ways that you can use with your thin strap outfits, without the bother of no-so-good looking bra straps. Browse through to find the best choice for the outcome you like.

1. Built-In Support

Choosing a cami with in-built support is probably the best way of getting away with not wearing a bra underneath your camisole. There are many varieties of camis with an attached bra. Though most will have an ordinary shelf bra, some will come padded, while others may even have a built-in sport bra.

Built-in camis will offer you substantial support and coverage. If you need enhanced nipple coverage, go for a cami with a padded bra. Some of these have removable pads which you can keep away when you feel that you don’t need them.

Shelf bra camisole
Camisole with built-in shelf bra

2. Nipple covers

Also called pasties or petals, they are small soft circles that cover the entire areola. Some have medical grade adhesive while others don’t. The ones which are not sticky are more suitable for use under unpadded bras. For a camisole, the sticky ones are the better option.

Nipple pasties will not give you any breast support. Before you decide to use breast petals, you should be content with your bust staying in its natural shape.

If your camisole is super thin, find pasties that are either toned, or in the same color as the cami. Nipple covers that are clearly visible under garments can attract a lot of unwanted attention.

Nipple Pasties
Nipple Pasties

3. Bandeau/Tube top

A bandeau is virtually a strapless bra. But unlike an ordinary strapless bra, a tube top does not have any hooks or zipper closure. They are all pullover in design. Some bandeaus are padded, while others have pad inserts.

A bandeau will usually offer substantial coverage and support. But they seem to have one problem; they keep falling down. If you want to solve this issue:

  • Buy your correct size
  • Choose a bandeau that is wider
  • Buy from high quality manufacturers. They ensure the inside is lined with non-slip fabric (though discreet)
Bandeau Bra
Bandeau Bra

4. Adhesive Bra

Adhesive or sticky bras are ideal for hard to wear outfits. This is particularly so when it comes to spaghetti straps. You get good support and nipple coverage, but nothing sticks out.

You can choose from different types of adhesive bras. Those that support the bust from the top may not be good for thin straps. May be your best bet is those that come with sticky wings.

Seamless Adhesive Bra
Seamless Adhesive Bra

5. Show-Off Bralette

If you don’t mind showing off a fancy bra, may be a bralette is your best bet. A low impact show-off sports bra may be equally nice. These two are ideal because they double up both as inner-wear as well as outerwear.

Padded bralettes may be your better choice particularly if your camisole is filmsy or figure-hugging. If you are busty or need better support, opt for a bralette with a wider underbust band.

6. Tank top

Although it is common practice to wear a cami under a tank, it’s still okay to to do the opposite. Wearing a tank top under a camisole is a fashion statement in itself. They don’t have to be of the same color provided the colors don’t clash.

This pairing looks best when the straps run parallel. It doesn’t matter whether they perfectly correspond. This way, you won’t get much breast coverage, but you’ll still get some nipple coverage. You can also try wearing a cami over another cami.

7. Layering Over

Wearing other clothes on top of your camisole is another way of getting some bust coverage. You can try T-shirts, button shirts, blouses etc. If both tops are form-fitting and your headlights are coming on, you can use pasties.

Some thicker outfits may do a better work of ensuring better modesty. These include coats and lined blouses. It’s a good idea to go for coats that have at least one button. This will ensure full coverage with no risk of the wind blowing off your top and leave you exposed.

8. T Shirt

Wearing a T-shirt under your cami is another awesome outfit idea. This is particularly so if the T shirt is of thicker material. You can wear contrasting colors so as to create an accent. For instance, you can wear a black camisole over a white tee.

Although this outfit won’t offer you support, it’s another way of wearing spaghetti straps modestly. For the best outcome, choose a T-shirt that is not too loose.

9. Breast Lift Tape

Taping your breasts is a sure-fire way of wearing a camisole with no bra. You can use breast lift tape of athletic tape. When done properly, absolutely nobody will notice that you aren’t wearing a bra.

Taping can also work great even with busty women. The other advantages are that you can minimize your bust, and even create cleavage if you like.

More Tips for Wearing a Cami Without a Bra

As you have seen, there are many bra hacks for a cami. None may be ideal to everyone. Choose the which you feel looks best on you.

No matter which method you use, always show confidence. If you choose one option and find that other people will notice that you’re braless, choose another one. Your poise matters more than the bra hack you utilized.

With these tips, you stand a better chance of feeling good in your camisole despite wearing no bra.

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