Do You Wear a Bra Under a Bralette?

Do You Wear a Bra Under a Bralette

Bralettes are vital fashion items. They are also useful under hard to wear clothes. But most types don’t offer enough bust support. Although a bralette is not meant to be worn over a bra, you can still wear both if that increases comfort and confidence. Else, you can either look for a regular bra made with the style of a bralette, or a supportive bralette.

Perhaps the best thing about a bralette is that it can double up as underwear as well as outerwear. Unlike a regular bra with sticking bra straps, you can use this item under sheer, open back, low front, wide armholes etc.

But then comes the issue of nipple coverage and breast support especially to the well endowed. This article explores these challenges and offers solutions for the same.

Do Bralettes Cover Nipples?

Using nipple covers with sheer bralette
Using nipple covers with sheer bralette

Some bralettes do not cover the nipples because they are unpadded and unlined. Lacy varieties will normally have reinforced cups, meaning they may offer substantial coverage. If your main concern is nipple coverage, choose a padded bralette.

When going out in an unpadded bralette, you can wear a seamed or padded bra underneath. Another option is to use nipple covers.

In some situations, it doesn’t matter whether your headlights will come on. When you’re going to bed or doing chores at home, nobody cares whether your nipples are concealed or not.

Reinforced bralette
Lacy reinforced bralette

Do Bralettes Offer Support?

Some bralettes are custom made for A-C cups only. Other types are more supportive owing to the way they are constructed.

In case you need something to show off under your top but still want sufficient support, try a crop top or camisole with built-in bra. A low impact padded sports bra is also a good option.

Crop top with built in bra
Crop top with built in bra

When to Wear a Bra Under a Bralette

If you are wearing a bralette solely for the purpose of breast support, you don’t have to wear it. Use a traditional bra instead. When wearing a bralette for the purpose of style, you can layer a regular bra underneath if it will help add support or coverage.

Sometimes, ladies will wear a bra underneath because a bralette on its own feels uncomfortable. Before you make your decision on wearing a bra underneath your bralette, ensure you’re wearing your correct size bralette. If you need better nip coverage, consider using breast petals. In case you need more support, try other styles of bralettes.

If these solutions do not seem to work, it won’t hurt to layer a traditional bra under the bralette. If you do, be certain that the two items agree. Some bralettes may still expose certain types of bra straps. This may seem like poor fashion taste.

Sometimes, a bralette may not be the ultimate solution to your needs. You also need to explore whether there is a normal bra that can on its own be the definitive answer. Perhaps, you can try a show-off bra.

Show off bra
Show off bra

When to Not Wear a Bra Under a Bralette

Though there is nothing wrong with wearing a bra over a bralette, some situations may necessitate wearing a bralette alone. These include:

  • In hot weather
  • When bra straps stick out
  • If the outline of the bra shows through (E.g. when cup seams or strap adjustments are visible)
  • When your bralette gives enough support and nipple coverage
  • If you are not going out

Wearing a Bralette With a Big Bust

Most bralettes are delicate and unsupportive because they are made for style and not function. That’s why they are stretchy and lack adjustability or wires. Though they may be perfect for small breasts, they are inadequate for busty women.

If you have a big bust, look for wider straps and band. In addition, an adjustable band and straps are mostly a pointer that the item is made out of a sturdy material.

But all hope is not lost. Recently, manufacturers have started making bralettes for big breasts. They still look fancy and stylish, but with the sturdiness of other types of bras. When making your choice, opt for convertible straps. These are vital for styling hard to wear outfits.

Bralette for a big bust
Bralette for a big bust

The purpose of a bra is support and coverage. But at times, style and comfort come into the picture as well. Depending on the outcome you want to portray, you can wear a regular bra, a bralette or even both.

If you must wear a bra under your bralette, ensure you choose the appropriate type of bralette. Some bralettes will leave you with the issue of sticking bra straps if your intention is to show it off. When all else fails, try a padded bralette.

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