How to Style Tank Tops in 2023

How to style a tank top

A wide strap tank top is a necessary part of every woman’s wardrobe. Most women will have at least a handful, while others may own even dozens of them.

Tanks are generally easy to style. They are also versatile. You can wear them to the gym, beach, outings, hiking, summer etc.

However, wearing your tank tops the same way all the time may become monotonous. In this article, we’ll explore the many different ways in which you can style your tanks.

Choosing the Right Tank Top

First of all, you need to choose the right piece for your taste, body shape and event. Take a look at this guide:

  • Long tank tops go well with pants, leggings, or maxi dresses
  • Loose ones pair well with skinny or pencil bottoms
  • Form-fitting: workouts
  • Racerback: workouts, with a pretty sports bra
  • Strappy back: adhesive or show-off bra
  • Backless: night-outs, preferably with a backless bra
  • Short tank top: high waist shorts or skater skirt
  • Halter: halter or inbuilt bra
  • Low neck: plunge bra
  • Low back: adhesive bra
  • Solid colors: printed bottom
  • Prints: solid bottom
  • Sheer tank: show-off bra or cami
  • Built in bra: If you’d rather not wear a bra inside

This is just a general guide. Some tanks can be worn to several different events, with different outfits.

What to Wear Over a Tank Top

Unless you are wearing your tank to add warmth, there’s no need to cover it. Aim at pairing it with outfits that will complement it, while still showing it.

Good examples of clothes that can add flavor to your tank include:

  • Mesh cardigan or sweater
  • Blazer
  • Wide neck clothing
  • Button up shirt
  • Sheer blouses
  • Unbuttoned jacket
  • V-neck clothes
  • Oversized cardigan
Tank top with mesh cardigan
Tank top with mesh cardigan

In order to nice up your outfit, you don’t have to wear something that is in the same color as your tank. Try clothes that will not clash but rather flatter.

Bottoms to Pair

The choice of a bottom for your tank can either make or ruin your outfit. Following is a number of clothes that go well with tank tops:


They are perfect for summer and hiking etc. and you can wear them any way you want. You can choose between short or long, fitted or flowy, high or low waist. If you like, you can add sheer leggings under your shorts.

Tank top with shorts
Tank top with shorts


Wearing pants or jeans is a very simple way of pairing your tanks. You can tuck the latter in, or leave it flowing.

On the other hand, you don’t have to mind about covering your bottom. You can even wear a cropped or tied tank if you like.

Although fitted tanks go well with flare pants and vice versa, women with athletic bodies can still look good in a form-fitting tanks and skinny pants or jeans.

Tank top with jeans
Wearing a tank top with jeans


If you like comfort and convenience, go for a denim overall and throw it over your tank. This is a particularly practical outfit for the summer.

For a laid back look, wear casual shoes. Add some feminine shoes for a more defined look.

Wearing a tank top with overalls
Wearing a tank top with overalls


You can wear virtually any style of skirt with your tank. Depending on the situation, you can choose to tuck in, or let loose the tank top.

  • For a simple look, pair your tank with a pencil skirt
  • To look more feminine, wear a maxi skirt
  • For a sexy outlook, use a mini skirt, particularly one that is flowy


It’s a bit hard to wear tank top with leggings. But you can still choose a long tank top that covers your bottom and you’re good to go.

If your tank is printed, choose solid leggings. If the tank top is plain, any color or print of leggings will work. But try to avoid printed leggings with a printed tank.

For the beach, gym or hiking, you can even choose capri leggings. Avoid a fitted tank with leggings unless you have a slim body.

Tank top with leggings
Tank top with leggings

How to Accessorize a Tank Top

A pretty belt will add accent to your waistline. It can make a huge difference to a plain, simple tank top. Try a brighter belt if the tank is in neutral colors. A flowy tank goes better with a wider belt.

If your tank is form-fitting, you can also use a sting tie, or waist chain. Waist ties, especially shiny ones will make a dull tank top look more elegant and stylish.

Waist chain
Waist chain

If you like, you can also wear a hat to add flavor to your outfit. Also try a contrasting handbag. If your tank is plain, carry a printed handbag or cross-body bag.

Adding Pomp to Your Neckline

Despite what you pair your tank with, you can nice it up by adding things to your neckline. For instance, you can wear a scarf to add color, modesty and glamour.

You can wear a show-off bra with a plunging tank top. Else, you can show off your glamorous bra underneath a tank with wide armholes.

Sports bra under tank top
Sports bra under tank top

A lace spaghetti camisole or delicate bralette also go well with wide strap tanks. This is particularly so if the tank has a deep or moderate V, while the cami has a box neckline.

What to Wear Underneath

You can wear virtually anything that hugs your body under your tank. However, some form-fitting tank tops tend to show the outline of whatever outfit you have inside. In such a case, only choose clothing that is tight, seamless or with flat-lock seams.

Some of the clothes that you can wear underneath include:

Bras to Wear With Tank Tops

Unlike camis, tanks give you more freedom when choosing a bra. This is because of their wider shoulder straps. Despite this, you can still choose to showcase your cute bra or bralette by wearing a tank with wide arms and/or neck.

See more about bras on:  Best bras to wear with tank tops

Show off bra under tank top
Show off bra under tank top

By now, you have discovered diverse ways of wearing your tank top. It’s time to start experimenting. Try out different ways of styling your tanks and you’ll find many that suit your needs.