Choosing a Plus Size High Impact Sports Bra

Plus size high impact sports bras

High impact sports bras are designed for intensive activities that require a lot of jumping. These include running, jogging, rope jumping etc.

While these bras are readily available to the average woman, they are not easy to come by if you are plus size. For you to select a bra that will support your bust adequately during such sports, you need to choose from a variety that is designed for plus sizes.

Adjustable workout bras are probably your best option. They are easy to take on and off. They also seem to fit better. If you must buy an athletic bra without adjustment, make certain it has some stretch.

Adjustable sports bra
Adjustable sports bra

In order to buy your correct size, check the size chart from the merchant rather than use the universal measurements. It’s a good idea to also see whether the seller has a good return policy in case the bra doesn’t fit or you dislike it for another reason.

Padded workout bras seem to do a better job at support as well as coverage. If you’d rather not shop for a padded bra, look for one with seams on the cups. The seams make the cups sturdier and also offer better nipple coverage.

Padded Sports Bra
Padded Sports Bra

Avoid shopping for a bra that will double up as an ordinary bra. It’s very tempting to buy a sports bra that you can also use for daily wear. There is nothing wrong with wearing a sports bra on a daily basis. However, a comfortable daily bra cannot be used for high impact sports and vice versa.

With this guide, you stand a better chance of choosing your best high impact plus size sports bra from this post:

Plus Size High Impact Sports Bras

Best Plus Size High Impact Sports Bras