How to Wear a Sports Bra Under a Tank Top

Sports Bra Tank Top Combo

Styling a tank top is not only about choosing the right tank. It also involves selecting the correct bra to wear underneath. A sports bra is good choice particularly if your tank has wide armholes or a plunge neckline.

Perhaps the biggest issue when wearing a tank top is when bra straps stick into view. If you are worried about this, a workout bra is a good option because they are meant to double up as underwear as well as outerwear.

Below are a few points to consider when choosing a sports bra to layer under your tank top:

Opt For a Padded or Molded Sports Bra

If your tank top is form-fitting or super thin, your nipples may show through even if you’re wearing a bra. A molded or padded sports bra can solve this issue.

Most padded sports bras have removable pads which you can take off when need be. This is a useful feature when washing the bra or when wearing it to hot places. However, molded cups are sewn in and therefore not removable.

Padded Sports Bra
Padded Sports Bra

Choose a Cute Show-Off Sports Bra

Ever since the sports bra made its way into the fashion industry, numerable styles have emerged over the years. Most online stores have a wide range of show off athletic bras to choose from.

You can try different types and see which ones work with your outfits. Some types to consider are; strappy, criss-cross, and printed.

Show Off Sports Bra
Show Off Sports Bra

Buy a Spaghetti Sports Bra

Athletic bras usually have wide straps in order to reduce strain on the shoulders. However, thin strap sports bras are also available.

If you want to better hide your bra straps, choose a sports bra with spaghetti straps. Most non-racerback sports bras will also have straps like those of ordinary bras. This means they won’t normally show on your shoulder.

Spaghetti Sports Bra
Spaghetti Sports Bra

Choose a Racerback Sports Bra

Most tank tops are racerback in design. The same case applies to sports bras. This makes these two a good combo.

However, some racerback sports bras will still show under some racer tank tops. You must double check to be sure that the two are a good match.

Racerback Sports Bra
Racerback Sports Bra

Choose a Tank With Small Armholes

Some tank tops have extra wide or low armholes. This means that virtually any bra will show under such a tank. Making sure to opt for small armholes will solve this issue.

Still, you can deliberately choose to wear a cute sports bra underneath wide armholes with the sole purpose of making a fashion statement. If that be your choice, be confident and don’t become self-conscious.

Tank Top With Small Armholes
Tank Top With Small Armholes

The whole point when wearing a sports bra under a tank is; which part of the bra is showing? If none shows, that’s okay.

If some parts of the bra are visible, you must be comfortable with that. This will eliminate any possibility of embarrassment even if people stare.

Bottom-line; A bra that sticks out accidentally exhibits bad taste. But a bra that the wearer shows intentionally makes a fashion statement. A confident lady is always fashionable, regardless of whether the bra sticks out.

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